What’s going on with Texas??? Anyway, let’s get to the College Football Top 10 Power Rankings.

Power Rankings + Hot Takes:

  1. Alabama (prev. 1) — If anyone doubted Bama at all this season, they no longer have a valid argument.
  2. Clemson (prev. 2) — Even though Trevor Lawrence might have the worst hair in CFB, his Tigers put up 77 points against Louisville. Dabo’s boys should no doubt win the ACC.
  3. Notre Dame (prev. 4) — Considering all the firepower that the Irish lost in the draft last year, this season could not be any better. A matchup against Clemson could be on the cards, and that would be nothing short of electric.
  4. Michigan (prev. 8) — After embarrassing the top 15 opponents in the last three weeks, the only thing that keeps Michigan out of the #3 spot is the week 1 loss to Notre Dame. shea.jpg
  5. West Virginia (prev. unranked) — If you beat Texas, you’re a top 5 team in the country without a question (@Maryland). Seriously, though, Will Grier is a top quality playmaker.
  6. Georgia (prev. 7) — After the loss at LSU, Jake Fromm and the Bulldogs have bounced back tremendously. The SEC Championship game against Alabama will be crucial for any playoff hopes.
  7. Oklahoma (prev. 10) — Kyler Murray. That’s all.
  8. Ohio State (prev. 3) — When you have a creampuff schedule and you still manage to lose to Purdue, that is very very bad.
  9. UCF (prev. 9) —  Nevah Lost *Lavar Ball voice*
  10. Texas (prev. 5) — With a team this talented, it is difficult to keep them out of the Top 10.

Bold Predictions:

  1. My previous 3 Bold Predictions are all incorrect.
  2. The top 4 does not change for the playoff (Bama, ND, Clemson, Michigan).
  3. Ohio State finishes the season outside of the top 10.