1. Manchester City (-) — Impressive performance against Southampton. Manchester Derby next week.
  2. Arsenal (+1) — It might not have been the result the Gunners wanted, but this week Emery’s men proved they are a top-class team.
  3. Liverpool (-1) — Lucky to escape with a point at the Emirates. I can’t wait to see what Salah, Firmino, and Mane do to Fulham.
  4. Chelsea (-) — Did their job against Palace. A challenge against the Toffees lies ahead.
  5. Tottenham (-) — Poor, poor Juan Foyth. Absolute nightmare debut.
  6. Manchester United (-) — Average, once again, this week. With Jose’s job on the line, the fixture against City could not be any more important.
  7. Everton (-) — Tremendous performance against Brighton. Let’s see if they can keep up the momentum at Stamford Bridge.
  8. Bournemouth (+1) — Decent play against United. A match on the road to Newcastle could be tight.
  9. Leicester (+2) — We all know who that win was for.
  10. Brighton (-) — Poor all around. Brighton is clearly struggling with the absence of Pascal Gross. Also, it’s about time Lewis Dunk scored for the correct team.
  11. Watford (-3) — Loosing to Newcastle will earn you the first ever Bullboat Mega-Oof of the Week.
  12. Wolves (+1) — Yes the goals were absolute gifts, but two goals against Tottenham is still impressive.
  13. West Ham (+2) — Solid team win against a lackluster Burnley. Easier match next week at Huddersfield.
  14. Crystal Palace (-1) — I guess they stopped Hazard from scoring. (Yay!)
  15. Burnley (-1) — It only seems to be getting worse. You just hate to see it.
  16. Newcastle (+1) — neWcastle
  17. Southampton (-1) — I feel a moment of silence is needed for what is left of Mark Hughes’ men.
  18. Cardiff City (-) —I know it’s early, but I honestly can’t see an outcome that does not result in a Cardiff relegation.
  19. Huddersfield (+1) — Technically a win against Fulham still counts as a win. A fun game against West Ham lies ahead.
  20. Fulham (-1) — I am sincerely disappointed in Fulham this year. That’s all.