Since the last time the Browns won a game

It was 635 days between regular season wins for the Browns, after winning on September 21st. The most recent win before that came on December 24th, 2016.

browns-win-dawg-pound-092118-getty-ftrjpg_1feaywaz3yuoq14ptc97bvr50h Things that happened since the last Browns win :

  1. Trump was on the 6th day of his presidency, he has now been president for 1 year and 244 days             51TaKYBr8xL
  2. The Golden State Warriors have won two NBA Finals
  3. Tyrod Taylor is the 4th Quarterback to start a game for the Browns since their last win
  4. Kyrie Irving and LeBron still played together in Cleveland
  5. Kareem Hunt was still in college
  6. The Patriots won 20 games
  7. The Eagles won the firstsuper bowl in their franchise history
  8. The Falcons blew a 28-3 leimagesad
  9. 3 new iPhones have been released
  10. Deshaun Watson debuted for the Texans, tore his ACL, and came back


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