NCAA Football Round-Up After Week 8

After a week of upsets, the College Football Top 10 Power Rankings are turned on its head.

Power Rankings + Hot Takes:

  1. Alabama — Alabama is freakishly good, and Tua makes them even better, but they are yet to play a worthy opponent. Looking forward to the LSU game in a few weeks
  2. Clemson — This Clemson defensive front could start for the Arizona Cardinals.
  3. Ohio State — Despite the off-field issues, Ohio State has always stepped up when they needed to
  4. Notre Dame — Just a solid team overall. Not too many freakish strengths, not too many weaknesses.
  5. Texas — Longhorn fans best pray that Sam Ehlinger is 100% for Oklahoma State.
  6. LSU — Yes, they beat Georgia, but that Florida loss still scares me.
  7. Georgia — Yeah, the loss was rough, but Georgia fans should not panic. fromm.jpg
  8. Michigan — Wow. Shea Patterson is fast.
  9. UCF — Back to back National Champs?
  10. Oklahoma — Don’t count out OU. Kyler and the Sooners still have shot at the Big 12 Championship.

Bold Predictions:

  1. Texas and Georgia are both in the playoffs.
  2. Scott Frost keeps his job for the next two years no matter the record.
  3. Kyler Murray wins the Heisman.

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