1. Manchester City (1) – A 2-0 victory over the reformed Arsenal side without Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, and Vincent Kompany in the starting lineup show that Manchester City has not lost a step. Although Arsenal came out firing in the second half, and City may have been lucky to not concede a penalty, City responded well to carry themselves to a comfortable victory. Riyad Mahrez’s debut went well and he showed that he can be the playmaker and goalscorer that they were missing on the wing. In the next 6 weeks, City should expect to get 6 more wins when they face the newly promoted teams from this year and last year in quick succession.  
  2. Liverpool (2) – A dominant display over West Ham leaves Liverpool at the top of the table. They still have yet to prove that they are superior to Manchester City but in the coming weeks, they face Tottenham and Chelsea, who should show exactly where Liverpool stand.
  3. Chelsea (6) – Sarri ball seems to work. Their comfortable victory over Huddersfield was expected but the fact that Manchester United and Tottenham had such close calls means that Chelsea moves up in the rankings. It is yet to be seen how the absence of Courtois will affect the team in the coming weeks.
  4. Manchester United (4) – Manchester United had a close call against Leicester City, and for a team that was angling to win the Premier League, this is not a good sign. After the victory, Pogba was asked if he was happy at Manchester. He responded by saying, “There are things that I cannot say, otherwise I will get fined.” Manchester United will need to figure this out if they want to keep their £89.3 mil midfielder because ultimately it could come down to keeping either Jose or Pogba.
  5. Arsenal (3) – Despite the disappointing loss to the reigning champions, Unai Emery’s side still looked decent. His focus on work rate has clearly proven to be effective as Emery’s gunners ran a combined 74 miles throughout the course of the game. However, the new manager’s decision to start the veteran goalkeeper clearly came back to haunt him, Emery’s new Arsenal seem a force to be reckoned with. As long as Leno gets the nod.
  6. Tottenham (5) – Tottenham’s starting 11 from the previous season remained almost completely the same, yet they came out of the gates shaky. They gave Newcastle many opportunities to get back into the game but managed to sneak out a win. Harry Kane’s August drought continues, and per usual, if Harry Kane doesn’t perform to his fullest, neither does Tottenham.
  7. Everton (7) – Everton took on a tough Wolves side in the first week, and despite a first-half red card, they managed to take a point from the game. Richarlison’s debut went even better than expected, with a brace in his first league game for the Toffees.
  8. Newcastle (8) – Newcastle should have hoped for a better result out of this game in their second season in the top tier since they were promoted. This season they will be gunning for a place in Europa League, and if they are to do that they are going to need to pull results out like a tie against the Spurs. However, this is a promising start for them, for, with a few lucky bounces, they could have walked away with all three points.
  9. Wolves (10) – Ruben Neves’ gem of a freekick seemed as if it was the kickstart the Wolves needed after Jagielka was sent off. But the response by Richarlison and Everton made it so they could only come out of the match with a point. If this squad can keep pushing teams to the end, they should be set to safely secure a spot in the top half of the table.
  10. Crystal Palace (12) – Despite having just 33% possession, Crystal Palace managed to have 10 shots on target to Fulham’s 6. Crystal Palace will continue to get the job done, even though it may not seem like the easiest path for them.
  11. Leicester (14) – Leicester managed to retain the majority of possession against a Manchester United side that prides themselves in their ability to keep possession. Leicester had 13 shots but only four on target, which is something they will need to improve upon if they expect to compete at a higher level. Despite this, they still managed to play with Man U until the end, and on another day could have snagged a point from them.
  12. West Ham (9) – After an ugly display against Liverpool, it would seem as if West Ham would plummet in these rankings, but it is possible that Liverpool is just that good. Against teams that try to play them even, but don’t retain a decent amount of possession, Liverpool is unstoppable. West Ham tried to play them evenly and they paid for it. Now they need to bounce back quickly when they face Bournemouth at home.
  13. Watford (15) – Watford dealt with Brighton easily, and didn’t allow a single shot on target. The Golden Army looks to continue their goal scoring ways against Burnley’s stingy defence.
  14. Fulham (11) – Fulham dominated the game, having 67% possession, but they just couldn’t get by Hennessey, the Crystal Palace goalie. They will be disappointed not to score against Palace but look to give Tottenham a tough showing next game week.
  15. Burnley (13) – Southampton is the kind of team that Burnley needs to beat if they are to repeat their success from the previous season. If Burnley is going to continue to play this way, they will certainly not be up with the European teams, and could possibly find themselves in a relegation battle.
  16. Bournemouth (17) – It’s hard to tell how good this Bournemouth team is after only playing Cardiff City. Nevertheless, Bournemouth dominated Cardiff and they were able to see themselves to a comfortable victory.
  17. Southampton (16) – This season could be tough for Southampton if they can’t fix their goalscoring problems. Of course, all teams have issues scoring against Burnley, and next week’s fixture against Everton will be a good test of how this team will perform.
  18. Brighton (18) – Their performance against Watford was embarrassing. Their passing was sloppy in the final third and they were very susceptible to Watford’s counterattacks. Their back line showed their inability to contain balls over the top, as they were even caught out on a goal kick.
  19. Huddersfield (19) – There was hope that the newly minted Chelsea would have struggles, and that Huddersfield might find it within themselves to grab a point out of their opening match. Instead, they were completely dominated by Sarri ball, and could not even compete with Chelsea. If they hope to stay up for another year, they are going to need to play a lot better than that.
  20. Cardiff City (20) – Nothing went well for Cardiff against Bournemouth. They couldn’t keep the ball, they couldn’t get more than one shot on net, and ultimately, they were dominated by Bournemouth, another team gearing up for a relegation battle.